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Embrace Empowered Life Transformation

Ready to Transform Your Life to Regain Control and Confidence?


Life is filled with challenges that we have to learn how to navigate and try to remain in control. Having someone on your side to guide you through those times when you feel lost, when you're lacking confidence and need to regain a sense of control is where transformational life coaching can help.


I can help you with...




With over 25 years of experience in the public and private sector along with my own journey as an entrepreneur, I know this to be true: if you truly want to stand out and build powerful long-term trusted personal and professional relationships, you need to connect emotionally in an honest, authentic, unapologetic way. I'm here to help you feel empowered and confident, so you can move forward knowing you are exactly who you're supposed to be.

The CLEAR Coaching model

We use the CLEAR coaching model for transformational life coaching. This framework will support you to focus on developing your life vision and goals. It’s designed to help you to regain a sense of control, learn how to self-coach and feel motivated and confident in having the lifestyle and fulfilment you deserve.

Identify your unique challenges and aspirations for your life and what success looks like for you.

Deep reflection where I listen to you without judgment and make an initial assessment for us to discuss as you share your dreams, fears, and goals.

We'll delve into the core of your personal life ambitions and agree a way forward that supports the achievement of those needs.

Ongoing accountability support to keep you motivated and engaged with the growth of your personal development, vision and goals.

Ongoing accountability support to keep you motivated and focused on maintaining self control, self-value and self-confidence.

"Dionne is an integral part of the team at Bubble & Bounce, supporting our employees and leaders with maintaining their wellbeing and ensuring they are productive and happy at work. If you're looking for a coach who provides an honest, open, professional and high-quality support for your team, then I can certainly recommend her.

Wayne Douglas, Bubble & Bounce Events

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