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Ready to Step Into the Brand of You?

Bespoke Personal Brand Coaching, Marketing Consultancy & PR for Experienced Entrepreneurs & Professionals

There comes a time in your life when you've achieved most of your career milestones and learned a lot of lessons, both personally and professionally along the way. Now, you're more focused on fulfilment and giving back to those who you feel you can impact the most. 


Whether your next step is about motivating, inspiring and transforming the next generation, using your lived experiences to support and guide a specific audience through challenges that you have overcome, the Brand of You Legacy Programme has been designed to help you deliver the change that the world needs.

Why Now is the Time for You to Share Your Journey

Whilst age isn't a factor in when you create your legacy, experience is!

There's nothing more empowering and fulfilling than knowing that your story has the ability to change someone else's life. To bring them through a challenge that they have been struggling with. To help them see that there is a way forward when they've lost hope.


That's what your life experiences have the power to do. Our Brand of You legacy Programme is designed to guide you through developing your personal brand profile as a motivational, inspirational and transformational speaker, coach or trainer.

Supporting you to:

  • Shape your story into a motivational and empowering message that transforms lives

  • Help you feel confident presenting your message to your target audience

  • Design a profile that helps to position you as an expert and influence in your field

  • Find opportunities for you to share your stories through print and tv media as well as speaking engagements

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I hired Dionne to establish my brand and she has been a delight to work with and is incredibly talented! Dionne quickly got to work establishing my brand for my niche audience. She intuitively understood who my clients were and how to reach them using the exact style and tone I wanted. Dionne demonstrates raw talent that shines, she knows what her clients want and understands the importance of customer satisfaction Dionne is the real deal…I highly recommend her to ANYONE needing help with personal branding.


Why You Should Join the Brand of You Programme...


And as much as the outer details (social media profiles, content strategy, pictures, etc) are important, so too is the inner work. Developing the mindset, self-confidence, and self-belief needed to put yourself out there in the way that feels right for you and build something that you're truly proud of - in a way that is enjoyable, makes you feel good, and is in alignment with your values.


We'll follow a distinct process to achieve the goals set out below which is designed to build awareness of your personal brand profile and support you with consistently attracting and sharing your story with the audiences who will benefit the most from your unique journey.


Your Story:

We'll uncover your vision, objectives and goals and turn all of your amazing personal and professional knowledge and experience into your own unique brand story that supports you with connecting your message to the audience that is perfectly aligned to your journey.


Your Strategy

We'll develop a targeted strategy for attracting your ideal audience, that allows you to show up authentically all while focusing on your overall vision and goals for your future legacy. This will be your roadmap to building your reputation and credibility as an expert, supporting you to make connections and transformations to grow your brand.


Your Profile

Finally, once we bring all the elements of your personal brand and together, we will implement a consistent PR and marketing pathway to help you reach your ideal audience through media interviews and speaking opportunities.

What's Available in the Brand of You Programme?

Joyce Osei.jpg

Dionne has helped me to get clarity on what my story is and the value I can bring to my clients and the teams I work with. Dionne's approach is very collaborative and she is genuinely interested in helping you extract the "diamonds" in your story by taking you through a process.


By sharing my story and using my skills set of increasing representation in digital content I have been able to gain new clients in the Charities sector and in the Tech Industry.

Ready to Achieve Your Vision & Invest in Yourself


Complete support in developing your personal brand profile with strategic planning, implementation, and ongoing support over a an initial 12- month period designed to help you build/enhance and implement the best strategy for becoming an influential coach, consultant, speaker.


With a combination of deep-dive 1-1 coaching, goal based strategy and planning + design and implementation of your online brand, this is your ticket to building your legacy of success.


  • Have a personal brand profile designed to support you with sharing your knowledge, skills and experience with your ideal audience.

  • A strategic marketing plan that will allow you to connect with your audience, grow your network and access opportunities to share your story through media and speaking engagements.

  • Be able to generate amazing results for your audience and clients, sharing testimonials that will showcase your expertise and reinforce why people should learn from you.


  1. Want to build your personal brand profile as an influential speaker, coach or consultant...

  2. Don't fully appreciate and understand how to value and share your story and experiences with your ideal target audience...

  3. Are struggling with gaining clarity in your story and message so you can effectively communicate with your ideal clients...

  4. Find it challenging to stay consistent to your overall aims and goals so need accountability to progress...

  5. Want to use your knowledge skills and experience to provide lasting transformation for others and create a legacy of success.


If any of these apply to you, this programme is designed to help you overcome all of them with the confidence of knowing that you finally have the right strategy and team in place to grow your business and your profile successfully.

What happens if you don’t join today?


I get it, deciding to invest in something is a big decision to make, but that’s what life is all about.

In order for you to achieve your fulfilment and legacy goals, you need people to trust you to support them because they can’t do it themselves. Joining this programme is the same thing. You need help to grow your profile because you may be struggling to do it on your own, or you know you need to but don't know where to start. This programme offers you the gateway to achieving your vision and goals for both your professional and your personal life.

If you’re happy to continue as you are and not get the support you need to grow your personal brand, what will happen is more of the same of what brought you to this page in the first place…

  • more frustration that you're not having the impact you know you could have and achieving the fulfilment you're seeking...

  • more challenges over spending your precious time trying to build your brand for motivational and transformational success...

  • more time until you reach those legacy goals you want to achieve.


It’s time to take that leap of faith and access the support you need to transform the lives of the audiences waiting to be inspired by your journey.

Next Steps:

The next step is to book a discovery call here. During the call we'll have an informal chat about your story and long-term goals. Then I'll share more information on the implementation plan for the programme that will outline the steps needed for to support you with developing an influential personal brand profile.

Got Questions?

I realise that it's a lot to take in and you may have questions about the programme, so if you do would like to have an informal chat and learn more, just click the button below to book a free 30 minute consultation with me and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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